Aaron Bobzien


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–       MGM Grand Nob Hill, Sous Chef, 2010-present

–       Jo Carne Vino, Cook, 2007-2010

–       Sea Blue MGM, Cook/Sous Chef, 2004-2007

–       San Diego Job Corps, Culinary Training, Graduated 2003


–       Aaron has the kitchen’s most unique facial hair—he saw a man at a bar with the same mustache and drunkenly decided to shave his goatee into a mustache.

–       Aaron’s favorite catch phrase is “Do work, bro!” and he constantly shouts it in the kitchen.

–       When asked what his biggest accomplishment is, he simply states: “Not being in jail.”

–       Prior to cooking, Aaron worked in construction. “I just like heat…heat from the sun, heat in the kitchen.”

–       Aaron doesn’t believe anyone who says that they would go on Hell’s Kitchen for their kids: “You’re not going on this show for your kids!  Otherwise you wouldn’t be leaving them!”

–       Aaron isn’t above sabatoging people in Hell’s Kitchen.  “I’d put a sizzle tray in the oven and not tell anyone, ha.”

–       He hates working with union kitchen workers because he is forced to control his temper.

–       Aaron and his mustache are ready to dominate Hell’s Kitchen.