Aaron Fox


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–       Cascades Grill – Sous Chef 2008 – 2010

–       Ginza Japanese Teppanyaki and Sushi – Head Chef 2007 – 2008

–       Famous Daves BBQ – Line Cook 2006 – 2008

–       Roy’s Pacific Rim – Line Cook 2005 – 2006


–       Worked on a line at the age of 9 helping out at a restaurant his family worked at

–       Got his first work permit when he was 12

–       Loves to cook Asian cuisine

–       Often maintains a leadership role in the kitchen and likes to be in charge

–       Keeps his culinary skills up to speed by inventing new recipes and always cooking large family dinners

–       OCD with kitchen cleanliness

–       Very detail oriented

–       Deadlines are important tools of success

–       Applying pressure to him brings out his performance

–       Feels he can out-perform the previous cast members

–       Doesn’t currently work in a kitchen because it doesn’t pay the bills

–       He wants this opportunity so he can again work in the kitchen while supporting his family

–       Dream job is to have a high end food truck