Aaron Sharpe


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–       Private Chef – 2009-Present

–       Bon Appétit Mgt. at Pitzer College – Pantry Cook Intern – March-May 2012

–       Culinary Staffing Services – Cook / Event Staff 2011-2012

–       Lucielle’s Smokehouse BBQ – Shift Leader 2007-2008

–       Le Cordon Bleu – Graduated 2012


–       Aaron is extremely conceited and in-your-face catty. He does not get along well with others and rubs people the wrong way with his judgmental disposition.

–       He is gay and has been married in a domestic partnership for 4 years to a man 21 years older than him.

–       Used to be a substance abuse counselor, but went to culinary school because the weight of the job was not “fun” enough for him. If things don’t hold his short span attention, he is quick to move on.

–       Went on a “gay date” with George Lopez as a stunt on Lopez Tonight, which is on YouTube.com.

–       Very charming personality…only if you have something he wants!

–       He would be completely lost on Hell’s Kitchen – Good fodder!