Aaron Ziegler


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–       Daza Catering & Entertainment – Owner/Operator 2007-Present

–       Conga Room and Boca Restaurant – Executive Chef, 2010

–       Self-Employed – Restaurant Consultant, 2003 – Present

–       Chez Melange – Chef de Cuisine 2003


–      Aaron wanted to work in a restaurant even as a kid, so he applied for a work permit at 14 and started working at a burger joint.

–      His father is his best friend and taught him to be fearless. He wants to make his father proud on Hell’s Kitchen.

–      Doesn’t get stressed from pressure; he finds being slammed is calming for him.

–      Likes to stay as local as possible when choosing ingredients to cook with.

–      He is his harshest critic and his biggest competition, because he says no one comes close to his level!

–      Has a 3-strike rule; If he has to tell someone something 3 times and they still don’t get it, they are thrown out of his kitchen!

–      Likes to use reverse psychology on his kitchen staff, especially in his consulting work, helping failing restaurants.

–      Thinks he is pretty damn good and compares himself to Chef Ramsay.