Adriana Amodol


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–       Rave Cinemas / Crave Bar & Grill – Line Cook 2012-Present

–       The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College 2011-Present


– Adriana is a 5’ tall over confident young culinary student who was a former competitive dancer. She will be spiteful if crossed.

– Nobody in her family can cook and she realized her talents when she began cooking for herself. In high school she was the band & theater geek and also a competitive gamer.

– Her proudest moment in school so far was being selected to work the hors d’oeuvres station at an event for Prince Edward.

– Adriana also works in the kitchen of a movie theater making chicken fingers, burgers and pizzas. She claims she can handle volume because the movie theater does huge premieres and screenings. Recently her job hosted a boxing event and she was slammed with 100 people ordering at once.

– She has the shortest fuse and people usually think she’s a bitch because of her mouth. She once cursed out another student in her culinary class because her classmate kept disappearing on the line and slowed everything in the kitchen down.

– The other chefs will think she’s a tiny, inexperienced kid who won’t be able to keep up but big things come in small packages and Adriana does not play games when it comes to the kitchen.