Alan Ehrich


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–       Audubon Nature Institute – Executive Chef 1999-Present

–       Patout’s, Cajun Cabin, Bourbon View – Chef De La Cuisine 1994-1999

–       Crescent City Café –

Owner/Executive Chef 1984-1994

–       Ruby Tuesday – General Manager 1980-1984

–       Florida State University – Bachelors in Hotel Restaurant Management 1980


–       Alan started working in the kitchen as a fry cook at the tender age of 13.

–       He’s cultured in world cuisines.  In fact, he traveled to Europe for over 3 months critiquing the kitchens there.

–       He looks like a big softie but people stand at attention to him in the kitchen.  In regular life Alan is a sweetheart but he has a very split personality in the kitchen.  He says people are scared of him.

–       He’s not taking shit off of anyone on Hell’s Kitchen, except for Chef Ramsay.

–       He knows a variety of cuisines and part of his forte is being cutting edge so he’s up on various techniques to cook food.

–       He’s had to work on the line where hundreds of people came through the doors at once – this guy is ready for Hell’s Kitchen.

–       In fact, Alan believes his age could help him win Hell’s Kitchen as he would be the nice, old guy that everyone underestimates and takes for granted but will, in turn, knock their socks off!