Alexander Salas


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–       Mother’s Restaurant – Manager 2007-Present

–       Eric’s Catering Service – Action Chef/Carver 2011-Present

–       Ensemble Ltd. – Accounts Receivable 2006-2007

–       Delgado – Associates in Culinary Arts 2008-2010


–       Alexander began cooking with his mother at 8 years old.  He grew up so poor at a young age he was taught how to improvise to make flavors work well together.

–       The accomplishment he’s most proud of is his decision to follow his dreams later in life and return to school to earn a culinary degree.  Before culinary, Alexander was an accountant.

–       He absolutely hated being stuck in a cubicle doing accounting while all he thought about all day was food.

–       Alexander says he never gives up and when it’s time to work he puts his nose to the grindstone to get the job done without cutting corners.

–       After firing or reprimanding employees, several have fought back by keying his car or playing pranks.

–       Although he may appear easy going, will not take any bullshit.  He said if someone talks smack to him, they better expect to get smack back.

–       With Alexander’s background in handling money and his drive and determination in the culinary field, he just may be the next winner of Hell’s Kitchen!