Alexis Jones


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–       The Home for Little Wanderers, Mileu Supervisor, 2009-2012

–       Sebastian’s Cafe, First Chef, 2001-2005

–       Bar Code, Grill Cook, 2000

–       Johnson & Wales,  Graduated 1998


–       Alexis has two passions: food and children. She currently works as a Milieu Supervisor at an after school program for mentally handicapped children.

–       She would love to combine her passion for cooking and children by starting a non-profit teaching children about healthy meals and the value of eating right.

–       Alexis considers herself a big kid; she plays kick ball and football in her after school program to stay in shape, and loves watching cartoons whenever she gets the chance.

–       Don’t underestimate her though, she can certainly stand her ground when necessary.  She’s a fighter and wants to prove everyone wrong.

–       When Alexis was a little girl, her favorite food was chicken hearts

–       Alexis’ mother kicked her out of the house they lived in several years ago, and she has since lived in halfway houses and women’s shelters along with her children.

–       She is technically still homeless, and winning Hell’s Kitchen “would be a big eff you to my mom!”