Alma Conrad


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–       Soul Café- Sous Chef 2004-Present

–       Pat O’Briens- Line Cook 2000-2004

–       Birds Café- Cook, Seasonal

–       Kitchen Academy- Graduated 1994


–       Almost made it to the show last year but was cut the final round.

–       Was a victim of hurricane Katrina.

–       Was stranded on her roof and her daughter found a flotation device and saved her.

–       Bought a car for $50 and drove to Texas and left everything she had in New Orleans.

–       Wants her work to be seen in front of Ramsay.

–       Brings soul food up another notch.

–       Puts on jazz music while she’s cooking.

–       Can hang with all the guys in the kitchen.

–       Team player on the line and will jump onto other stations if someone is slipping.

–       Very competitive and focused and is cleaning up when she’s not cooking to stay prepared.

–       Dances when she cooks to get into her groove.

–       Wants to travel to France to for new inspiration.