Ana Nelson


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–       Brimstone— Line Cook 2009-Present

–       Olive & Oregano Catering – Owner / Executive Chef 2002-Present

–       All Season Catering— Executive Chef 2003-Present

–       Michael’s Kitchen— Line Cook 2001-2002


–       Most don’t realize it by looking at her, but Ana is originally from Ecuador.

–       Her family & friends always told her to audition for Hell’s Kitchen because of her big ego in the kitchen.

–       Ana’s Grandmother owned two restaurants where she would work while growing up.

–       Her brother is a manager for Emeril.

–       She constantly needs praise, attention and she blames others when she is criticized.

–       She is a self-proclaimed micromanager and has to be in control at all times.

–       Ana prides herself in her appearance and always has to look her best, even when in the kitchen.

–       She owns a small catering company called Olive & Oregano, and does every type of event she can get her hands on.

–       She’s been known to throw objects and yell (in English and Spanish!) when things don’t go her way.