Anastasia Joyner


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–       Big Easy Gifts – Salesperson 2012-Present

–       Outback Steakhouse – Kitchen Manager 2010-2012

–       NOLA Restaurant – Line Cook, April-July 2010

–       Denny’s – FOH Manager 2009-2010

–       Culinary Institute of America  – Bachelor’s Degree 2003-2007


–       Anastasia describes herself as being fierce.  She has been told that she can act like a marine or drill sergeant and takes that as a compliment.

–       Currently, Anastasia is working in a gift shop as a salesperson to help a friend who has breast cancer.  Her friend is unable to work and needed someone to take over her shifts.  Anastasia stepped up to the plate.

–       Anastasia and her husband are working towards owning their own spice and salad dressing company.  They love to grow their own veggies and create seasonings.

–       Anastasia loves to sing and one of her talents is being able to sing the ABC’s backwards.

–       Anastasia is competitive, tough and calls it like she sees it.  She’s not afraid to get dirty and expects the same from everybody else.

–       Anastasia’s main goal in life is to become a Certified Master Chef.  When she began culinary school she discovered there was only 1 woman out of 65 in the world that was a Certified Master Chef…She would like to be on that list!