Andrew Richutti


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–       Restaurant Patois – Saute  Line Cook 2012-Present

–       Asolare USVI – Chef de Cuisine 2010-2011

–       B&B Restaurant – Entremettier 2009-2010

–       Jovino Restaurant – Chef de Cuisine 2008-2009

–       California Culinary Academy – AOS Degree 1999-2001


–       Brother’s death made him realize just how precious life is and made him become who he is today!

–       At the age of 24, Andrew was the youngest Executive Chef in Manhattan at Firebird Restaurant – Google it!

–       Absolutely no BS type of guy – Not afraid to say whatever that is on his mind and always gets the job done.

–       He can create and cook his ass off, but is starving for some inspiration.

–       Speaks Spanish fluently.

–       Originally went to school for music; is a classical musician.

–       Dedicates his life to perfection.

–       Very smart and a keen manipulator.

–       Seeks out weaknesses in others then tries to diminish them.

–       Considers himself a leader, not a follower.

–       Andrew is a proud gay man and not afraid to be who he is no matter who he’s around.

–       Hates ignorance and sheer stupidity.

–       Andrew insists that he is still young enough to prove himself amongst all of the kids, can bury anyone on a hot line and has superior execution in all areas of the kitchen!