Angie Shaghaghi


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–       Creative Cooks – Private Chef /Caterer/Owner 2007-Present

–       3 Chicas – Prep Cook/Cashier 2007-2009

–       Primrose Schools – Director 2000-2001

–       Kinder-Care – Director 1996-2000


–       Angie is a single mom and a Stepford Wife wannabe.

–       In junior high she was “The fat kid,” but by high school she became Homecoming Queen.

–       During her “fat years, she became extremely competitive.

–       Following college, she got married and was in a verbally and physically abusive marriage that ended in an ugly divorce.

–       She got back into cooking to be able to provide for herself and her three children following the divorce.

–       She has now been running her cooking school for children out of her own home for the past 6 years.

–       Angie is self-taught and is constantly researching new recipes and techniques.

–       According to Angie, “Chef Ramsay is nothing compared to my asshole of an ex-husband!”

–       Angie is sassy, opinionated, and short-fused, and she plans on being the last woman standing on Hell’s Kitchen!