Anthony Rametta


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–       Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Executive Chef 2012-Present

–       IP Casino Resort Spa – Sous Chef/Assistant Executive Chef 2005-2012

–       Casino Magic – Sous Chef 2002-2005

–       Te Deck Bar and Grill – Kitchen Manager 2003-2004


–       Anthony’s first culinary job was at a Japanese restaurant just after high school.  He lied to get this job – he told them he knew how to fry but he ended up burning all the food his first night.

–       He’s an all around nice guy who tends to keep to himself.  He will help and trust anyone until they knife him – then they get nothing.

–       Anthony’s an artist in and out of the kitchen.  He creates art with his dishes, ice carves and tattoos.  This guy prides himself on being good with his hands.

–       If a plate doesn’t look right he has a hard time walking away from it and he’s afraid this may hurt him in the competition.  Anthony has huge fears of failing.

–       In the kitchen he’s the first in and last to leave and is an excellent problem solver.

–       He feels a lot of guilt from his mother dying right in front of his eyes and holds on to anger because of this.  He’s known for his quick temper.  It doesn’t take a lot to set this Sicilian heated and he will do anything to win!