Anthony Rodriguez


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–       The Dakota Restaurant – Line Chef 2011-Present

–       The Broussard’s Restaurant – Line Chef 2010-2011

–       Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy 2010


–       He doesn’t have a lot of friends because most people can’t take his jokes and get easily offended.  He’s says he will be the first and last to make fun of someone – especially since he makes fun of himself.

–       People assume that he’s a jerk but once people warm up to him and realize he’s only joking, they usually are ok with him.

–       Has been known to sabotage people’s stations at work in order to get ahead.  He says he won’t be the one getting mind fucked because he does the mind fucking.

–       Doesn’t like Italian food and absolutely can’t stand bacon.

–       Speak fluent Spanish.

–       Grew up cooking for his family at 8 years old.

–       Couldn’t find work in California and saw a commercial for culinary school and decided to go.

–       Can’t stand getting his chef jacket dirty and keeps bleach near him to keep it clean.

–       Anthony thinks very highly of himself and his cooking skills.  He couldn’t imagine living his life not cooking.