Anton Testino


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–       Corrato’s LLC – Head Chef 2005-Present

–       Portobello’s – Line Chef 2003 – 2005

–       Tony’s Brother’s – Sous Chef 2001-2003

–       Rose’s – Head Chef 1998-2001


–       Anton comes from a family of chefs and cooks and restaurant owners; it is the only profession he has known.

–       Anton has 20 years experience in the culinary field, starting his career as a busboy at one of his mother’s Italian restaurants.

–       Is passionate about his heritage and wants to take this opportunity to put his family name on the map by winning HK.

–       Has had the experience of opening and running his own restaurant at the age of 23, which was one of his proudest accomplishments.

–       Was a fat “meatball” kid who got picked on every day in school; nevertheless his competitive nature made him the number one football player who dated the prom queen.

–       He is aggressive, opinionated, and as in-your-face as John McEnroe when he is running the kitchen.

–       Anton’s dream is to own his own restaurant.