Antonio Santiago


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–       Alaska Pete’s—Head Chef 2010-Present

–       Pocono Brewing Company—Chef 2009-2010

–       Ellia’s—Chef 2008-2009

–       Meadow Brook Inn—Chef 2005-2008

–       Art Institute of Philidelphia—Culinary Arts—Graduated 2002


–       Antonio (Tony) is a “horrible NYC Puerto Rican” who can’t speak Spanish, grew up on rice and beans, and now lives in the Poconos.

–       He got into cooking by agreeing to help a teacher with her cooking class in high school rather than face expulsion.

–       Antonio had big plans to become a pro football player, but got distracted by girls, so he put those dreams on hold.

–       Now that he has been cooking for 15 years, he can’t imagine doing anything else.

–       Antonio is a “beast on the line, but has some definite feminine qualities.”

–       He gets called a “dick” and an “asshole” all the time because he purposely agitates people.

–       If he has to show you anything more than once, he will fire you and then fight your claims for unemployment.

–       Antonio’s brother died last year from cancer and left behind two children and a wife.

–       If he wins Hell’s Kitchen, he knows his brother would be the most proud of him if he were still alive.