Antonio Wright


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–      Vintage Enoteca – Line Cook, 2012

–      Hollywood Highlands – Private Chef 2011 – Present

–      West Coast Events – Catering Chef, 2011 – Present

–      Hard Rock Café – Prep Cook, 2011

–      Simplicity Catering Company, Executive Chef – 2008 – 2011

–      Grady’s BBQ Sauce LLC –General Manager, 2006 – 2008


–      Antonio came out of the womb with cooking skills and a desire to wear high heels!

–      When he’s not cooking, he loves to dance and cross-dress. His obsession with shoes, especially high heels, is borderline out of control and taking over his home!

–      The first time he remembers wearing women’s clothing is when he was 8 years old and snuck into his mom’s closet.

–      His father isn’t very accepting of Antonio’s lifestyle and they have a very rocky relationship, but he’s extremely close with his mom.

–      Currently a Line Cook, but working everyday towards taking the Executive Chef position and won’t let anything stop him or get in his way.

–      Says he loves criticism because it helps him to grow, but he’s very sensitive.

–      Always organized and prepared for anything.

–      Has been told by people that they can taste the love he puts into his food and hopes Ramsay will agree!