Arim Isabel


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–      Southern Hospitality- Executive Chef 2010-2012

–      Clevelander Bar & Grill- Executive Chef 2007-2009

–      Cafeteria Restaurant- Head Chef 2005-2007


–       Mom was a pastry chef, and he grew up in and out of her kitchen since he was 8.

–       Control freak and a maniac when running a kitchen

–       Doesn’t care who you are; if you’re messing up, he’ll throw a tantrum

–       Southern Hospitality, his last executive chef job, was owned by Justin Timberlake and Daryl Strawberry

–       Fine dining restaurants are too uptight for him; he loves the Southern style.

–       Double threat who makes both savory and pastry to perfection

–       Always been competitive and doesn’t like being told what to do

–       Knows America is going to hate him but doesn’t care

–       Has yet to meet anyone better than him…at anything

–       Specialty is southern comfort food