Ashley Andracchio


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–       Air Wisconsin Airlines Corp. – Tech Stores Clerk 2010-Present

–       Express Catering – Catering Agent 2010

–       Shoprite – Deli Clerk 2008-2009

–       Uncle Walt’s Deli / Chubby’s Pizzeria – Asst. Manager 2003-2007

–       Art Institute of Philadelphia 2011-Present


–       Ashley is Philly born and raised to the fullest and has the South Philly accent and bitchy attitude  to go along with it. Philly is known for its water ice, cheesesteaks and brotherly love and so is she.

–       She is a single mom working in the mechanics hanger at the airport.  She handles 70 male coworkers each day and puts them in their place.

–       Her highest position on the line was an apprentice Sous Chef.

–       She worked at a friend’s restaurant as grill, sauté and prep cook, and she even cleaned the freezer just to be in the kitchen.

–       Her proudest accomplishment was winning silver medal over 40 other people in a cooking competition that required her to break down a whole chicken and use every part in her dishes. She would rather work with men in any instance because women are prissy, catty and talk shit

–       When Ashley is passionate about something it can come off as anger.

–       She is striving for a career in the culinary industry and thinks she can win Hell’s Kitchen.