Benjamin Brignola


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–       McCalls Catering, Sous Chef- 2012-Present

–, Account Executive- 2012-Present

–       Cirque Du Soleil, Lead Line Chef- 2011

–       Art Institute of Philadelphia- Graduated 2003


–       Great grandparents were 1st generation Italians and always were cooking. This inspired Ben’s love for food and cooking.

–       Went to college for hospitality management and later went to culinary school.

–       In addition to being a private sous chef, he is a food stylist for photo shoots and loves the presentation of food just as must as he loves cooking.

–       He is respectful in the kitchen and will never ask someone to do something that he wouldn’t do himself.

–       Ben sings while he cooks to maintain his focus.

–       Has had a knife thrown at him in the kitchen by a Head Chef.

–       Knows his value as a chef and will never stay somewhere if he’s being disrespected.

–       Winning Hell’s Kitchen would prove to everyone and himself that he’s an amazing Chef.

–       If someone threw Ben under the bus, he’d stick up for himself and make that person look bad in front of Chef Ramsay.