Beth Esposito


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–       Christine’s Caberet & Steakhouse & Oasis, Executive Chef, 2009-present

–       Kijata Frank, Personal Chef, 2011-present

–       Frog Commisry Catering, Executing Party Chef, 2004-2009

–       Dining Out Magazine, Cover & Exclusive Editorial

–       Featured Food Artist for Wilton Amrantal


–       Beth is a trash-talking chef who works at a 12 million dollar strip club/steak house.

–       No one “f*cked with her” whil she was growing up because her mom was Ms. Pennsylvania and her dad was involved with drugs and counterfeit money.

–       Beth has never been fired from a job, because she makes herself the boss everywhere that she works.

–       She hates authority figures and tells them all to “fuck off” whenever she gets the chance.

–       Beth is used to sweating it out in the kitchen.  While on the line, she often gets “chub rub” on her thighs, and “chap boobs.”

–       Don’t underestimate Beth because she has blonde hair, wears lipstick, and has big boobs—she is ready to prove she has more balls than anyone in Hell’s Kitchen!