Beth Taylor


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–       Santa Fe Restaurant – Line Cook 2011-Present

–       Mulberry House – Head Chef 2010-Present

–       Applebee’s – Trainer 2006-2010

–       Pepper Tree – Kitchen Manager, March-August 2006

–       LTC Culinary Arts 2004-2005


–       Beth is a gregarious, fun, sassy, non-stop talker type gal.  She loves what she does and works 7 days a week at 2 restaurants.  She holds her own as a Head Chef at one restaurant and is a Line Cook at another.  She doesn’t take shit from anybody and will call you out if she needs to

–       Beth has a sharp tongue and a smart wit and can have a temper if pushed too far… She’s nice until she is crossed the wrong way

–       Beth wears her heart on her sleeve and will cry at any given moment.  She’s a tough cookie but will shed a tear

–       Beth’s motto is:  When life gets you down, get up and say “You hit like a bitch”

–       Beth likes to speak Klingon, enjoys couponing, gardening and jewelry making.

–       2 of Beth’s most defining moments in life was when she was in a car wreck and had an out of body experience and her father’s death.  Beth and her father shared a love for cooking together and the inheritance from his death sent her to culinary school, which sent her to work hard and apply for Hell’s Kitchen.

–       When Beth wins she will able to fulfill her dream of running a successful and productive restaurant!