Brad Radack


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–       Playground – Executive Sous Chef 2012 –Present

–       Levy Restaurant Group – Culinary Supervisor 2011 – 2011

–       Jays Catering  – Kitchen Manger 2010-2011

–       Le Cordon Bleu – Scottsdale, Graduated 2010


–  Brad is a big guy. At 6’4 and 290 lbs he’s a pretty intimidating figure, but as soon as he smiles you see that he is really a giant teddy bear.

–  Recently engaged he is excited and says he talks about the wedding more than his wife does.

–  He is very energetic and makes the kitchen.

–  Listens to speed metal and heavy hip -hop in the kitchen.

–  Nice guy and all American mama’s boy.

–  Wears head bands all the time. His favorite is a lime green one that he is wearing in the interview.

–  Helped create “The Playground” which is the new restaurant he works in, which sports an ever changing menu.

–  Has several different tattoos all pertaining to food.

–  He is an original character who beats to his own drum.