Bradford Martsen


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–       Seventh Mountain Resort – Lead Chef 2011 – 2012

–       The Tront House – Sous Chef 2005 – 2010

–       Stacatto – Sous Chef 2005


–       Brad grew up learning how to slaughter, break down, and cook meat on his father’s cattle farm. His whole family are lawyers so it was  a hobby to his dad.

–        He knew he wanted to be a chef and go to culinary school when he saw a movie aobut skiers who were also cooks. He grew up in the mountains working at ski resorts and figured he could make a career out of cooking.

–       Brad overcame the death of his mother and dog last year. His mother was his strongest supporter and she was always proud of him and his cooking.

–        Brad is the black sheep of the family because all his siblings are attorneys and lawyers.

–       Brad is not a people person and is not here to make friends.

–       Brad is very competitive and a lose cannon.

–       Brad’s dream job is to open a restaurant in the mountains for a fun and high-energy place for skiers to hang out.