Bradley Blocker


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–       Bradley’s on the Lake –  Executive Chef/Owner 2010-Present

–       Porter’s Pub – Executive Chef 2008-2010

–       Rookies – Kitchen Manager 2008

–       Johnson & Wales – Graduated 2002


–       Bradley Blocker seems to have a chip on his shoulder.  As a child, he had a cleft palate and was constantly bullied in school.

–       He was the son of a single mother; he grew up in poverty and has “earned every damn thing that I have ever had.”

–       As an adult, he is very argumentative and short-tempered.

–       He has a habit of punching holes in walls, and says that everyone who has worked with him hates him because of his temper.

–       Bradley is the epitome of a lone wolf.  The restaurant he currently owns only seats 40 people so that he can do all of the work himself.

–       Bradley has no issue with talking back to his superiors if he feels they are in the wrong, and has been fired from a job for that reason.

–       However, he would love to be yelled at by Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen because “that’s what chef’s do: we yell!  I’ll be at Chef Ramsay’s level in a few years.”