Brandon Austin


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–      Gourmet Imports – Purchasing Manager 2011-Present

–      Straits Restaurant – Executive Chef 2007-2010

–      The Fly – Sous Chef 2006-2007

–      California Culinary Academy – Graduated 2005


–      Started working in a kitchen when he was 15 years old.

–      Went to college to see what he wanted to do with his life but realized he wanted to go into the culinary field instead.

–      His mom was in his life, but his grandmother basically raised him as well as influenced his culinary passion.

–      His grandmother was attacked by his drug-addicted uncle and suffered a stroke a week after he left for culinary school. He made it home just before she passed away. It hit him hard, and he can’t talk about his grandmother without getting choked up.

–      Blasts rock music when in the kitchen to pump him up and get him into the groove.

–      Called his sister-in-law a bitch and hasn’t spoken to her or his brother since 2010.

–      Runs his kitchen very aggressively and has a short temper.

–      Great expressions, quirky voice