Brandon McKelvey


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–      “Say-She-Ate” Food Truck – Chef/Owner 2011-2012

–      Biga on the Banks – Banquet Cook 2007-2010

–      Paesano’s – Bartender 2006-2007

–      Mama Mia’s Austin – Line Cook/Server 1999-2003


–      Brandon is only 5’6” and is very well aware of his “Napoleon’s Complex” because every ex-girlfriend of his (all taller than him) has pointed it out to him.

–      He tends to be very demanding of people and makes sure things are always done his way.

–      He spent two months in Israel and the Middle East. He says that Mediterranean flavors have snuck into his cooking.

–      Passionate to the point that he can come off as arrogant.

–      Opened up his gourmet comfort cuisine food truck because he feels it is the best way to truly interact with his clients.

–      A majority of his restaurant experience comes from working the front of the house in high end dining.

–      He believes in supply and demand creating food that is unique, high end and not available at any other location.

–      Loves to be the center of attention, once he gets a couple drinks in him he starts to perform impromptu stand up comedy routines.

–      He’s a bit of a show off and constantly seeking approval. He can juggle, sing and play the guitar – although not all at once.