Brian Ingram


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–       Empire City Casino- General Manager 2011-Present

–       MGM Resorts International- General Manager 2009-2011

–       Windmill Boys- Owner/ Executive Chef 2004-2009

–       Weber Grill Restaurant- General Manager 2002-2004

–        Anchorage Career Center- Graduated 1987


–       Worked under many Michelin rated chefs.

–       Started in a fast food joint when he was 14.

–       Crazy, adrenaline junkie, balls to the wall personality.

–       Cooked in the wilderness and beaches of Alaska.

–       Didn’t have tools so had to filet a salmon with his hands.

–       Dad died in a plane crash that he was piloting with his friends.

–       Cooked a Thanksgiving meal for his family and they all encouraged him to go to culinary school.

–       Has won multiple culinary awards.

–       One of the top 10 sommeliers in the country.

–       Losing is not an option for him.

–       Enjoys extreme sports like sky diving and motor cross and has even crash landed a plane.

–       Went to a seminar to “learn how to win friends” and was kicked out for telling people to “fuck off”.

–       Reputation for sleeping with his staff.

–       Says he is crazy and can cook his ass off.