Brian Santos


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–       Colonnade Hotel, Banquet Chef, 2010-present

–       Bakers Best Catering, Sous Chef, 2010-2011

–       DNC (TD Garden), Supervisor, 2002-2010

–       Le Cordon Bleu,  Graduated 2008

–       Prior to culinary school he worked as a Mortgage Consultant


–       Brian has lived all over the country and has the crazy stories to prove it.  In the midwest, he lived on a pig farm and can describe in detail the size of “pig balls” (they’re huge).  In Alabama, he worked in a chicken factory packing chicken parts.

–       Brian’s wife is a Harvard Biochemistry student, and he’d love to get a notch on his own bragging belt by winning Hell’s Kitchen.

–       Brian is a certified Sous Chef C.S.C through the American Culinary Federation.

–       He has not had a relationship with his father since birth and is not close with his mother.

–       Brian is very cocky, sarcastic and arrogant. He is “used to being ridden like a donkey” in the kitchen by his current boss: “the biggest donkey rider in Boston.” Chef Ramsay doesn’t intimidate him at all.

–       Brian’s favorite food to make and eat isn’t fancy, it’s actually Mexican.  Because “at the end of the day, all a chef really wants is a burrito.”

–       With a good look and annoying voice, he is competitive, cocky and thinks he is better than everyone else.