Brian Warmingham


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–       J Gilbert’s Fine Dining – Head Roundsman, 2007- Present

–       Friendly’s – Line Cook, 2005-2007

–       Sports Bar – Cook, 2006- 2007

–       Lincoln Culinary Institute – Graduated 2008


–      Realized he wanted to cook from helping his mother as a child.

–      His mother became bed-ridden until he was in high school when she passed away.

–      Cooking is definitely in his blood. His uncle owns Chowder Pot, the #1 Seafood restaurant in Connecticut.

–      Brian is super competitive and gets in trouble quite a bit for being loud, ignorant and annoying to people.

–      Even though his attitude gets him in trouble a lot, but he says it is what will set him apart and make him thrive in competition.

–      He is very protective of his dishes and if anyone steps in, he’s not afraid to lash out. He also isn’t afraid to throw someone under the bus if it means he will win.

–      He has worked every station in the kitchen and is currently trying to be promoted to Sous Chef at his current job.

–      Since he was old enough to work, he has only worked in the kitchen. He strives to one day prove that he’s talented and ready for whatever comes his way.

–      Wants to one day own his own French American bistro.