Brigid Miklas


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–      Gigi’s Cupcakes of Buckhead – Manager 2010-Present

–      Contract Catering – Caterer 2002-2010

–      Non-Profit Catering – Caterer 1995-2007


–      Brigid began working in restaurants just after college but stopped to raise her children.  She then became a private chef to a very wealthy family because it allowed her to also be able to cook for her husband and her children.

–      Brigid cooks to relax.  She has a good knowledge of food but desserts are her true passion.

–      Brigid enjoys mastering new cooking techniques and her new skill is molecular gastronomy.

–      Brigid is goofy and loves laughing, rapping and dancing in the kitchen.  She really enjoys making others smile… until they piss her off.

–      Although she’s competitive, Brigid enjoys helping the underdog.  She doesn’t believe in screwing others over. However, if someone were to screw her over she says they better be afraid!

–      Brigid is very opinionated and gets pissed off if someone messes up things without knowing why they did.