Brittany Coghill


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–       Blanco Tacos & Tequila- Lead Line Cook 2012-Present

–       Quissence- Pantry Line Cook 2012

–       Vi at Silverstone- Line Cook 2010-2012

–       Olive Garden- Server/Line Cook 2009-2010

–       Scottsdale Community College Culinary Curriculum- Graduated 2012


–       Missed days of her senior year of high school to work in the kitchen.

–       Wanted to be a Spanish translator but only knows “kitchen Spanish.”

–       Received a position on the kitchen line at a 4-diamond restaurant.

–       Very assertive as a woman working in a male dominated industry.

–       Considers herself a southern belle.

–       She came out to her parents and currently doesn’t speak with her father. Her mother is still adjusting to her being gay, but they talk at least once a week.

–       Double threat because she knows both savory and pastry.

–       Goes “balls to the wall” when she cooks and feeds off of the adrenaline rush.

–       Very organized and stays one step ahead.

–       Gets annoyed with people very easily and won’t take any bullshit on the line.