Bryan Shirley


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–       Mecenat Bistro – Sous Chef, Feb-March 2012

–       Buffalo Wild Wings – Line Cook, Jan-Feb 2012

–       Olive Garden – Line Cook/Server, June-December 2011

–       Giordano’s Pizzeria – Line Cook/Server/Driver, 2009-2011

–       Pro Wrestler, 2000- 2009


–       Dropped out of high school and became a pro wrestler for 7 years.

–       This tough guy is deathly afraid of spiders.

–       Had a tough childhood growing up in a trailer park near the airport, once he moved out he swore to himself he would never go back.

–       Has a terrible temper combined with a complete inability to bite his tongue.

–       He is his own worst enemy, often allowing his big mouth to get him fired from jobs.

–       His daughter is his ultimate pride and joy in life.

–       Has mostly worked in chain restaurants, didn’t feel it was the learning experience he needed.

–       Finds that being the biggest guy in the room often draws him a lot of negative attention, that’s when you uses his dimples to get him out of a fight.

–       Has been hurt by many people in his life, uses his tough exterior to keep people away and keep himself safe.