Calvin Yeap


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–       Ojai Valley Inn and Spa- Executive Pastry Chef 2010-Present

–       Parker Palm Springs- Executive Pastry Chef 2007-2010

–       The Club at Morningside Country Club- Assistant Pastry Chef 2005-2007

–       Culinary Institute of America- Graduated 2002


–       As an Asian, his parents expected to be a doctor or an architect.

–       Went to school to be a veterinarian but dropped out a semester before graduation.

–       Has worked on the savory line even though he’s a pastry chef

–       Passing of his grandmother was a life changing event that made him embrace life because it’s so short.

–       Teaches a butt-thrusting step aerobics class when not cooking.

–       Been told that “faggots don’t belong in the kitchen” by a chef because he is gay and has since pushed himself to be better than everyone else

–       Sister was one of his biggest inspirations to be a chef because she told him to break away from their family’s tradition.

–       Throws things and screams when he’s pissed in the kitchen.

–       Thinks pastries are more important than entrée’s because it’s your last memory of eating at the restaurant!