Caprisha Biddle


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–       Spring Valley Lake Country Club – Line Cook 2012-Present

–       Porter Valley Country Club – Line Cook 2011-2012

–       Pacfica Senior Living – Food Service Director 2009-2010

–       Hotel Bel Air – Banquet Cook-2008-2009

–       CA School of Culinary Arts- Graduated 2006


–       Fell in love with cooking as a child

–       Always watched cooking shows instead of cartoons

–       Her father raised her and is her biggest supporter

–       Presently a line cook at a country club

–       First line job was with Wolfgang Puck catering

–       She’s fearless – been through a lot growing up and wants to go for it all

–       Har aunt passed away from cancer last year, inspiring her to take life by the balls and go for each

day like it’s her last

–       Fearless ambition

–       Reads motivational books all the time

–       Ultimate culinary dream is to own her own catering company so she can create her own menus

–       If her feelings are hurt, you’ll never know

–       Very competitive

–       If Ramsay is screaming at her, that’s motivation