Carlos De La Torre


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–       Time In a Bottle – Head Cook 2011-2012

–       The Stockyard – Cook 1 2011 – 2011

–       MiKan – Teppan Chef 2010 – 2011

–       Bake It Again Sam – Sous Chef 2010

–       Eureka Burger – Head Cook 2009

–       Southern CA School of Culinary Arts – Graduated 2006


–       Carlos finally found his niche when he attended culinary school after his high school experience

was lackluster

–       After graduating high school he was diagnosed with diabetes. He has since developed a passion for

a career that will help educate others who also suffer from the illness

–       Wears quirky glasses and argyle sweaters, vests and ties when not in the kitchen.

–       Recently completed writing a book that he’s been working on for the past two years

–       Once quit a job working in the kitchen at the “Home Depot Center” arena because the sous chef

threw a knife at him. He’s going to be in for a shock when Gordon Ramsay is in his face!

–       Has a major jealousy streak and can’t stand when he feels others are better than him