Chad Richardson


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–       Landry’s Seafood House  – Kitchen Manager (Interviewing)

–       Creole Cruisine  –  Executive Chef 2009-2012

–       Copeland’s Social City  –  Chef 2008-2009

–       Orlando Culinary Academy  –  Graduated 2004


–       Chad says that in Nola, you start cooking when you’re knee high at Momma’s apron!

–       Chad worked at his craft 20 hours a day; he would go to school during the day and work at night!

–       Has cooked everywhere: large chains, food and wine festivals, exec. chef, Disney World…and can do ANY kind of cuisine

–       He doesn’t read cookbooks or recipes, except when baking, but belives you’ll never know it all in cooking

–       Says that as a chef, “you’re expected to be perfect all the time, like a doctor” but doesn’t mind criticism because you’ll learn from it

–       Says hes not a shit-talker, and that people who are usually have a bigger bark than bite

–       Wants to surround himself with the best and shine, and says that anyone that tries to backstab him is only going to shine in a negative light

–       Even though he and his son were sad when his wife left them, his biggest life-changing event was when his house burned to the ground, and he spent the next year rebuilding his son’s toys to make life feel normal again

–       Says you should choose him simply because HE CAN WIN!!