Charla Franklin


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–       Dulans Catering- Catering Chef 2010-Present

–       The Stuff Waffle-Partner/Chef 2008-2010

–       Chameleons Catering-Owner/Chef 2005-2007

–       The YaYa Tea Bar- Partner 2000-2003

–       St. Joseph Center Culinary Program- Graduated 2012


–       Calls herself the “LA-LA Lady” because she’s from Louisiana and now living in LA.

–       Growing up, one of her fondest memories was waking up at 4am with her dad to go to farmers markets.

–       Her dad had a soul food restaurant and catering business that she helped out with as a kid. She attributes this to one of the reasons she got into cooking.

–       Used to have an art exhibition with artwork that depicted soul food.

–       Her hilarious and bubbly personality is contagious in the kitchen.

–       Even though she’s not a wine drinker, she loves to make her own wine and has a garden for her own vegetables.

–       She believes in straight to the point and will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not.

–       She’s 53 and still goes to the club and dances with all the guys!

–       One of her favorite utensils in the kitchen is an Afro pick to tenderize her meat.

–       Her OTHER favorite utensil is a flavor injector that she calls her “swag shooter.”