Charles Adams


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–      Roustabout Inc. – Oilfield Producer 2012-Present

–      Moondance Rock Festival – Chef 2001-Present

–      Dancing Fire Fine Dining – Head Chef1998 – 2001

–      Quadna Resort – Prep Cook 1997-1998


–      Charles grew up in Northern Minnesota as an outdoorsman where he was taught from a young age to hunt, ice fish, skin animals, ice sculpt and do anything and everything he could with his own bare hands.

–      As a child, he was taught how to cook by various friends of the family where his interests continued to grow in his later years.

–      Cooking is his passion, but due to the economy, he had to leave his family in Minnesota in order to take a job in the Oilfield Industry to provide more for his family, causing strain on his marriage.

–      His favorite culinary job of all time is the yearly gig he has been working at for the past 10 years.  He is the main head chef at The Moondance Rock Music Festival where he is responsible for feeding up to 1,000 VIP members, main stage performers, band members and stage crew 3 times a day.  He creates all the menus and braves whatever weather comes their way.

–      Oh geeze!  We’ve not had one like him before!