Charlotte Hayward


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–       Charlotte’s Catering – Owner  / Chef 2007-Present

–       Betsy’s Pancake House – Lead Cook November 2011-January 2012

–       Praline Connection – Kitchen Supervisor February-April 2010

–       Chef Austin’s – Lead Cook / Kitchen Manager April 2009-2010


–       Charlotte followed her dream and opened the first dine-in restaurant after Katrina in the lower 9th ward.  With some assistance and an agreement with the owner, she opened it with the intent of ownership after 2 years of the owner paying off his debt on the building.  However, because they only had a verbal agreement, the owner forfeited what he had promised and forced her to leave the business for him to take over. The place is now leased with very few customers.

–       Charlotte has fought through much adversity throughout her life and does not let ANYTHING keep her down.  In fact, she started selling tamales at Mardi Gras in order to find a way to make money and stay at home to home-school her kids.  Charlotte is proud of the fact that she has been able to raise 4 beautiful and gifted children on her own – They are her life!

–       Charlotte loves feeding and helping people, and says passing on a gift of healthy food is giving a gift of life and longevity.

–       Charlotte is a strong leader that is motivated by pressure, is stern during work, expects the best from others and demands to be treated with the utmost respect!