Chris Battenberg


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–       Eurent Dinning – Lead Chef, 2008-Current

–       Flintrock Falls Country Club – Lead Chef, 2007-2008

–       Mangia Pizza -Counter/Server, 2006-2008

–       US Air Force -Electronic Flight Control System Technician, 2001-2005


–       Loves comic books and zombies

–       Has a sticker of the Incredible Hulk on the door of his car

–       Comes across as very intimidating to people due to his size but is a real goofball most of the time

–       Competition is the single most exciting thing in his life

–       Can’t stand stupid people

–       Being hard-headed is one of his greatest personality traits, he will do whatever it takes in order to get what he wants

–       Was supposed to open a restaurant with his friend from the military, but before they could his friend committed suicide due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

–       Practices several different forms of martial arts and nicknamed himself the “White Ninja”

–       His top three Chef role models are: Julie Childs, Martin Yen and Jaques Pepin

–       US Air Force Certified BBQ Master