Chris Cody


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–       Dijon Restaurant – Executive Chef 2012

–       Byblos – Executive Chef 2011

–       Roosevelt Hotel Bar – Owner/Chef 2010-2011

–       Boomtown Casino, Pier 4 Restaurant – Chef de Cuisine 2010

–       Delachaise – Sous Chef 2009-2010

–       Charly’s Guest Ranch – Private Chef 2006-2009


–       Chris’ biggest flaw is that he will not let anyone get the last word.  He feels that every job he’s had he’s worked his ass off and gotten paid half of what he deserves.

–       Was raised on a farm in Minnesota and believes in taking food from farm to table.

–       His brother was shot in the head at 21 years old and this taught him to appreciate life and give it his all.

–       He is passive aggressive and speaks the truth no matter how it might get him into trouble.

–       Claims he can cook unique foods like his version of the Turducken (duck confit stuffed Chicken with Foie Gras butter).

–       Chris says that under pressure, he becomes better and better while watching others wilt.

–       Chris can run all aspects of the back of the house, such as hiring, firing, training, inventory, maintaining the menu, recipes and sanitation – as well as cook.

–       His 2 year-old daughter, fiancée and food are his passions in life.

–       Can talk people into submission as a useful management technique, and will do so on Hell’s Kitchen.

–       Also known to joke around in the most stressful environments.