Chris Eversole


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–       Big Dog at Bally’s, Sous Chef, October-present

–       Todd English Enterprises, Sous Chef/Tournant, 2010-2011

–       Summer 08, Line Cook, 2008

–       Fish House Grill, Line Cook, 2004-2006


–       It is fitting that Chris Eversole thinks food should be “sexy;” he was one of the best-looking Hell’s Kitchen applicants we interviewed thus far.

–       “Sexiness on a plate,” according to Chris, is the definition of culinary arts—food, flavor and presentation combined.

–       Chris once worked at a restaurant where he was forced to line dance every hour on the hour.

–       To combat his short temper, he will sing songs on the line until he calms down.

–       In the past, Chris has been fired from jobs for snapping at people.

–       Chris’ life wasn’t easy.  He was kicked out of his house for shoplifting when he was in high school, and ended up bouncing around homeless shelters and having to go to boarding school.

–       The same determination that got Chris through boarding school and homeless shelters is what will make him the winner of Hell’s Kitchen–
“Chef Ramsay will NOT call me a muppet!”