Christian Rosati


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–       Slice Pizza, Prep/Grill Cook/”Sub Shop Chef,” 2011-present

–       Artu, Chef, 2003-2010; Line Cook, 1993-1999

–       Orzo’s, Line Cook, 2002-2003

–       Rino’s Place, Line Cook, 1999-2001


–        Christian is a goofy butterball, and he’s not shy about loving being the center of attention.  When asked what his favorite job was, he’ll tell you that it was when he was a chef at Artu, simply because “chefs get to be the center of attention.”

–        Christian is a huge prankster: “I bust balls.  That’s what I do.  I bust balls 24/7.”  Once, he was dared by the dishwashers to work in an open kitchen wearing nothing but an apron.  Not only did he do it, but he worked that way for at least an hour, bending over in front of customers and mooning them.

–        If you yell at Christian, he’ll more than likely just laugh at you and he thinks that Chef Ramsay will be pleasantly surprised that the biggest goof in the world actually knows what he’s doing

–        Christian had his first child when he was 18, and has been married since he was 23. Even though he had to grow up quickly, he has remained a child at heart.

–        He broke his arm a few years ago and couldn’t support his family. It taught him to value happiness without material things.

–        Currently, Christian works at his friend’s pizzeria, but misses the creativity of working as a chef in a an actual restaurant.  Ultimately he’d like to own his own restaurant, so that he could be creative with the menu, and of course, be the center of attention.