Christopher Benevides


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–       Anthony’s Lounge and Restaurant, Manager / Cook 2008 – Present

–       Penfolds Cattle Company – Executive Chef 2006 – 2008

–       South Coast Winery – Sous Chef 2004 -2006

–       S.C.S.C.A Le Cordon Bleu – 1998 – 2000


–       Uses the newest scientific techniques to cook – Encapsulation (pressure coking meat in a constant water temperature) and Molecular Gastronomy, such as using nitrogen to freeze instantly.

–       This good-looking and energetic party animal started his love for food by feeding drunken people at his parties. Although, Christopher no longer drinks, he is still the life of any situation he’s in.

–       He’s always up for a good time and so it’s difficult for others to take this pretty boy seriously.

–       Wants to win at all costs, and will do anything, including throwing someone under the bus to get ahead.

–       Wants to win this for his dad who wanted him to continue on with the family business, a copper tubing distribution company. His father had to close the business and Christopher still feels guilty. He hopes to prove that the choice he made to have a culinary career was right.