Christopher Findlay


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–       Executive Chef, Sunshine Retirement, 2012-Present

–       Sous Chef, Wyland’s Ocean Blue, 2011-2012

–       Sous Chef, Renaissance Retirement, 2009-2012

–       Sous Chef, Querencia at Barton Creek, 2007-2009

–       Cook, Lakeway Resort & Spa, 2006-2007


–       Infectious laugh, making friends for him comes easily

–       Big softie and has a huge heart

–       Biggest pet peeve is loud screaming, young girls and people who bite their nails

–       He fell in love with the art of cooking by watching his Sicilian Grandmother who raised him

–       Picked on a lot for being overweight as a kid, the kitchen became the one place he could earn acceptance from his peers

–       He is a dominating bulldog in the kitchen, doesn’t care if anyone likes him but they will all respect him

–       Is known for using movie quotes on a regular basis

–       Constantly gives nicknames to all of his co-workers

–       Feels that most people are Cooks but very few people have the skills to become Chef’s

–       Super intense, talks a big game