Christopher Jocson


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–      24 Carrots Catering & Events – Lead Event Chef, 2010-Present

–      Pinot Provence Restaurant – Sous Chef 2011

–      Patina Catering at Descanso Gardens – Sous Chef 2011

–      Eurest Dining Services, – Executive Chef 2010-2011

–      CA Culinary Academy –  Graduated 2005


–       Chris didn’t always have a love for cooking. He hated food when he was growing up because he worked at his parents catering company on weekends.

–       He is Filipino, the youngest of 3 brothers by 23 years, and always feels he has something to prove. Both of his brothers are in the culinary industry but don’t speak to him.

–       Being in a family with much older siblings, he is very mature for a 27-year-old and has done more in his career than people twice his age, all while taking care of his 2 children.

–       Grew up with next to nothing monetarily, but his mom always made sure they had great food.

–       Likes to stay under the radar and let his work speak for itself

–       Often gets overlooked as an Executive Chef because of his physical build and his age.

–       Respects everyone and hates snobby people who don’t appreciate what they have.

–       Can take a car apart and put it back together.

–       Loves to cook different parts of animals like liver, brains, and intestines.

–      Wants to win HK to prove to his older brothers that he’s good and to provide a great life for his girlfriend of 8 years and his kids.