Christopher VanNess


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–       Crystal Tea Room – Executive Chef/GM, 2010-2012

–       Carmines Creole Café – Executive Chef, 2007-2010

–       Gypsy Rose – Executive Banquet Chef 2004-2007

–       The Art Institute of New York – Associates, Serve Safe Certified 1998


–       Chris discovered his love of food at 5 years old. He was the only boy in the family and his grandmother enjoyed having him help her in the kitchen, cooking and serving dinner guests.

–       He started his culinary journey at 14 years old as the busboy of a diner but got in trouble for always watching the chef and leaving tables dirty.

–       If Chris isn’t cooking, he gets very depressed; cooking is like breathing air to him. He feels he has nothing if he’s not able to cook.

–       This guy has so much passion for cooking and his heart and soul are wrapped completely up into this industry.  Chris wants to be on Hell’s Kitchen so bad – this is his way back into the industry and if chosen for the show he’s not willing to let anyone take away his destiny.

–       Claims he can cook anything in 5 minutes.

–       If someone tries to sabotage Chris, there’s going to be an instant problem.  He believes in fairness and fights fair but if others don’t, he’s not holding back!

–       Chris says it will break his heart if Chef Ramsay starts yelling at him.

–       This determined guy has been prepping to win Hell’s Kitchen for the last 5 years!