Christy Moawad


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–       Wellpoint, Inc.- Proposal Support Coordinator 2010-Present

–       Enchanted Catering- Owner/Caterer 2012-Present

–       Marcos & Donald Investments- Legal Secretary 2010

–       Le Cordon Bleu- Graduated 2010


–       Has learned traditional cuisine from her family’s background.

–       It is tradition in her culture to not work and be a homemaker.

–       She rebelled to break tradition and found other hobbies but her love for food ultimately put her back in the kitchen.

–       Working a corporate job now to pay the bills but has started doing private catering.

–       Being Egyptian, she is forced to do stuff that makes money and not what she wants to do.

–       Being on Hell’s Kitchen would prove to her family that her passion for food is important and not just a hobby.

–       Life changing event was when her father died because they had a very close relationship.

–       Being in the kitchen against Executive Chef’s isn’t an issue for her because her passion keeps her in the game.

–       Has “big balls” and isn’t afraid to show them.

–       Getting married next June but would put the wedding on hold to do anything for Chef Ramsay.